COVID-19 Precautions

WISPAPLOOZA 2021 COVID-19 Precautions

The safety of our members, staff and those working at our events is of paramount concern to WISPA.  WISPA closely monitors the impact of the virus on this year’s convention, and we have put numerous precautions in place to keep all safe and to prevent its potential spread.  Chief among these is partnering with Nevada State; Clark County; Las Vegas, NV; and Paris Hotel / Bally’s Hotel Hotel officials and representatives to ensure that all health codes and other COVID-related restrictions are strictly maintained and followed. 


Other precautions include:

•Barring attendance by people who reside in or recently traveled from countries that are subject to Center for Disease Control travel advisories related to the virus.
•Increased cleaning and disinfection “wipe-downs” across all high-volume touchpoints.
•Providing sanitizing and disinfection materials for public use.
•Following the social-distancing, mask use, and other safety protocols of the local authorities.
•Installation of onsite (and online) signage reminding attendees of hygiene recommendations.
•Awareness and training to all staff and associates on standard preventative measures.
•Guidance to exhibitors and vendors when exhibiting wares on the exhibition floor to implement effective cleaning and disinfection protocols, personal hygiene measures and other common preventive behaviors to prevent spreading the virus via high-traffic touchscreen or similar hand-to-hand environments.
•Implementation of a mic change disinfection protocol for speakers and panelists.

We’re going to hold a safe and informative event for those who come out and attend WISPAPALOOZA 2021. Should the situation change in any material way, WISPA will expeditiously relay that info to show attendees and vendors as early as practicable.